Participiant's NameCVAbstract
Because of missing some CV-s and Abstracts some PDF-files are
still not available - under upload!
Ambrus Miskolczycvabstract
Andrea Berncvabstract
Andrej Tóthcvabstract
Anssi Halmesvirtacvabstract
Antero Holmilacvabstract
Ágnes Szilágyicvabstract
Dariusz Jaroszcvabstract
Ernst Langthalercvabstract
Ferenc Eilercvabstract
Gábor Erdődycvabstract
Gábor Székelycvabstract
Gabriel Leancacvabstract
Gizella Fögleincvabstract
Ilkka Nummelacvabstract
Ilya Solomeshchcvabstract
István Gaucsíkcvabstract
János Kalmárcvabstract
János Poórcvabstract
Karli Kelkcvabstract
Krisztián Csaplárcvabstract
László Szalaicvabstract
Michael Gehlercvabstract
Nigel Swaincvabstract
Niklas Stenlåscvabstract
Pál Pritzcvabstract
Tamás Krauszcvabstract
Tibor Frankcvabstract
Tibor Gintlicvabstract
Tibor Klestenitzcvabstract
Vesa Varescvabstract
Zsombor Divinyicvabstract
Zsuzsanna Vargacvabstract
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